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Peter Brotzmann Sextet/Quartet - Nipples


So I havent been keeping up with mr. Mendell. let me get something to eat. okay.


This is a prime example from the first wave of European free improvisers, essentially the european response to free jazz going on in america. These players had even fewer preconceptions of what "jazz" is supposed to be and used their instruments as tools of raw sonic expression. Brotzmann was an early leader of this movement with his LP Machine Gun which was unprecedentedly noisey and abrasive, essentially a statement of the extreme unrest and political turmoil of the late sixties.

This release from a year after machine gun (1969) contains many of the major players of the early european scene: Peter Brotzmann (Tenor Sax), Evan Parker (Tenor Sax), Derek Bailey (guitar), Fred Van Hove (piano), Buschi Niebergall (bass), and Han Bennink (drums).

The title track on this features that full sextet. this may be less aggressive than Machine Gun but is probably just as Frantic. Derek Bailey's scrapes, plicks, plonks, and dings mesh perfectly with with Han Benninks percussion frenzy. The two sax players are on full on animal communication with eachother the whole time. this is good stuff.

The second cut on the album "Tell A Green Man" is a quartet containing Brotzmann, Bennink, Van Hove, and Niebergal.
begins with round thuds of upright bass and shards of Han Bennink's percussion. Niebergall begins playing bass with a bow which sort of foreshadows Brotzmann's raw and harmonically full saxophone timbre. Brotzmann and Van Hove enter at around 5 minutes in playing angular phrases that in a strange way seem to sync up with eachother as though they're interpreting the same line or something. Brotzmann eventually goes into high pitched staccato zoo-animal mode, Van Hove plays a chord progression of sorts, and you cant tell what is bass and what is bass drum. I WON"T RUIN THE REST FOR YOU BUT ITS REAL GOOD
the last sounds on the album are an archetypical brotzmann lyrical squeal and a nice piano ding.
shits the best.

I should add that Brotzmann is one of my favorite musicians and completely changed with way i heard and thought about music when i discovered him at an impressionable age.

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