Friday, July 10



Get Some.

Hototogisu is Matt Bower of Skullflower/Sunroof! and Marcia Bassett previously of Double Leopards/Zaimph. Burning Star Core is C Spencer Yeh's project with two dudes from Hair Police. Lots of names, but if you know any of them you know what you're getting yourself into by downloading this monster of a jam. Two bands who rock some pure sonic annihilation together as one screaming fuckfest of sound. From the opening wall of white noise and pounding drums to the last distant wails of stray feedback, this music totally consumes you, You can try to play it as quiet as you want, it'll still be pure power. The trick is to listen to this if you want to be totally content with the common chaos of sound around you. Put this on while you drive and when it's over, you really won't want to listen to anything but the road. It fades into and out of your life like a musical thunderstorm, and when it blows over, you appreciate the still quiet air that much more.

Keep rocking in the free world bros.

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