Friday, July 10

3 Disclose splits and 2 Homomilitia splits (The crust of all nations)


Is it your birthday or something? Here are 8 tasty EP sides of mid 90s hardcore and crust punk from around the exciting world.


Disclose were a d-beat hardcore band from Japan. They stayed pretty close stylistically to Discharge (the "D" in d-beat, IF YOU DIDNT KNOWWW) but with a significant dose of fuzzy distortion and the frenetic sloppiness Discharge usually saved for their live performances. Lyrically they generally dealt with (anti)war themes and seemed to be very concerned with a coming nuclear holocaust.

On this particular release Disclose sounds like an impenetrable wall of thick trebely fuzz with a little bit of bass, drums and vocals underneath. Luckily for you and me the songs are A) short and B) arranged in a way that totally capitalize on the filthyness of textures. The opening track "Pollution of Development" opens up with a delightful "bass riff bass riff FUZZ FUZZ FUZZ bass riff FUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ". The second track gives you 1 second of drumming before launching into sonic equivalent of very coarse sandpaper being rubbed on your face. The third track does not give a fuck and begins with a completely fuzzed out pick scrape but by then you know what you've gotten yourself into and then its over. How did you like your first taste of disclose, i sure liked it.

Homomilita (was/is, I'm not sure if they're still together) a crust punk/metal band from Poland. They sang about (or uh, against) homophobia, racism, sexism, corporations and possibly other things but hey i don't speak or understand polish, especially fast shouted polish. Most of their songs feature vocal interplay between their male and female vocalists, somewhat reminiscent of Crass or new york city crusties Nausea.
Their opening track "Milczenie=Smierc" opens with dryly picked clean guitar and is quickly met with a big fat fuzzy metal riffing and neat fast drum beat. Things get underway once the guitar switches into double time and the drums start d-beatin' and the male and female singers start trading vocal parts. I would probably shit my pants if the female singer was screaming at me. but thats just me. The track ends with more really good drum beats and mean eastern-european shouting. Next track isn't a cover of Black Flag's police story but is still good. Third track is short and quirky.


Oh hey more Disclose, this time a split with a Brazilian band called Besthoven. Disclose is back with their trebely superfuzz and primitive hardcore but this time you can hear the other instruments! Bass and drums both, even vocals! All three of their tracks are quality thrash-attacks, with the last track "N.J-F.J" the winner, if you ask this guy who you are reading right now.

As I said, Besthoven are from Brazil and they sure are enthusiastic! They play a somewhat similar style of Discharge influenced punk-metal. The bass is recorded really well and carries most of these songs. The singer has a really nice rasp to his voice also. listen to this.

Disclose / Framtid

Oh well then how about a Disclose split. The guitar sounds extremely full and fuzzed on this but significantly less trebely than on the other tracks. Great shouted vocals and awesome could-be-Discharge guitar parts make me a happy man.

Framtid is another japanese hardcore band with a funny name. The have sort of a powerviolence thing going in that their songs start slow and doomy or end slow and doomy or something except "Punishment" which is a midtempo romp-n-stomp the whole way through. The singer has a goofy voice like the guy from Infest (but not as goofy as the guy from Spazz) and i like the ocaisonal guitar leads. : ))))))))))))

Homomilitia/Força Macabra

Força Macabra is a Finnish band that thinks that they are Brazilian (hence the name and songtitles in Portuguese). Their primary influence was apparently Brazilian punk and extreme metal (Like Besthoven maybe? Olho Seco? maybe Sarcofago?) I don't really know enough about brazilian punk to say who they sound closest to but i like it a lot. Their drum beats have a vaguely polyrhythmic hiccuping thing that I'd like to attribute to some really good brazilian band that I don't know.

Homomilitia is here being a really good band again but with only 2 tracks. 2 really good tracks. The first one, "Ziemia" starts out with what I originally thought was a drum machine (but might just be a drummer, playing drums) and then guitar chug-fest which turns into one of them fast things (Have you guys heard any of what is called hardcore punk? its sort of like that). "Multinationals" starts with a really good metal riff and then turns into another one of those fast things and then it has a chorus and also a polish woman screams at you.


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