Thursday, July 16

Aerial FX - Watching The Dance


Time Machine To 1982

This is probably the most cohesive 26 minute album ever. Full length album, 26 minutes. It feels even shorter. Probably because the songs flow so seamlessly into each other. That said, this isn't some sort of concept album, all the songs sound completely different. Too a degree, I mean, it's all really 80s. Minimal synthpop/punk I guess sums it up, but it's so much more than that. This shit is like some Sonic the Hedgehog music with mopey Cure singing on top of really reverby guitars.

"Hold Me" was the first song I really got into, cause it was just so fucking ridiculous that I couldn't stop listening. The singing and lyrics are so completely melodramatic over the top, the drum(machine)s are either doing like one snare hit or one cymbal if they're even there, and oh yeah the synths are totally fucking pulsing. Then I started noticing how fucking good "Who Is Down There", the track before, fused into it. It's like you're on a dream bubble helicopter and it just sets down inside Morissey's Brain. "Instant Feeling" sounds like you are driving on a neon 80s racing game highway. "Servitors" into "Accident" is another awesome transition, and they are both also incredible jams. Just goes to show, Animal Collective were not the first dudes to put the playground ambience into their music so fucking get over it turds.

Oh yeah and the dudes in this band now manage Radiohead. Funny world.

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