Monday, August 24

Slumdogg Skrillionz


DOWNLOAD CASSETTE, or you hate fun

This is a really awesome Indian cassette I picked up back in January. I left the sides as single tracks because there are weird skits and sound collages and things between songs. It sounds like really low rent Indian pop, I mean this in the best way possible. The production is awesome and pretty well layered but it definitely sounds like something that's supposed to be on a cassette (you will understand this.) The three songs on side A are better than the stuff on side B but by the time you're done with the first side you'll be hyped up enough that it doesn't matter cause side two is still a party. The synths are a really nice mix of fucked up pads, synthesized indian folk instruments, and trancey 90s stuff. The tablas, which could be electronic or not I have no idea, push awesome microtonal melodies through the mix which on top of the already pretty decent drum tracking makes the whole jam just that much more of a pulser. This could be a bollywood b-movie soundtrack for all I know.

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