Sunday, June 28

Hi, uh, Burzum - Filosofem


Well first i suppose i should be welcoming you to this brand new blog East Ghost West Ghost. I, Michael Gorse Roberts and Preston Gorse Mendell-Grady might (will) be posting music and the like (you know, art, the arts, movies, you know, the arts right) here. But then again since this is the first post, who the fuck is reading this why should i be introducing us at all? to the blogosphere1/!~? sure.

as an invocation i would like to and apparently am post(ing) Burzum's 1996 album Filosofem. You (who exactlty is that, exactly) probably have this already, that's fine by me : )(/;'

but anyway, i'd like to baptise this blog with a perfect album from this perfect national socialist an perfect homophobe. I, in some i suppose deplorable way, admire this man- Varg Vikernes, as the archetypical misanthrope. A human hater to aspire to become. This album could be the amplifier hum and first chords at the beginnning of Dunkelheit and you'd get it.

I've read in interviews Mr. Vikernes things of his albums as a spell or ritual. Repetitive droning (drowning) riffs of thick saturated distorted sludge melt you. Minimal patterns of icey synthesizers freeze and then somehow sublimate you. Rattling chains and pure guitar fuzz let you know what was and you feel where you are (I do).
You don't understand the vocals, screeched, distorted, and mixed low, (presumably) in Norwegian, but you sense the message completely.

He killed Eurynomous
Did you write the perfect black metal riff?
are you an arsonist?

I'd felate Varg Vikernes and he'd kill me with an axe (it's a gay thing) and I'd go to Valhalla (just kidding this isn't a Bathory album).


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